Hair Care Set & Kit

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Tired of bad hair days that won't simply go away? Got a haircare obsession that you just can't shake off? If then, you will find this hair set fits perfectly in your grooming regimen. It's hard enough landing one quality hairstyling product, let alone two that complement each other perfectly and are offered at an amazing price tag. That's the reason our hair care sets have recently gained global eminence and acknowledgment from various factions of the cosmetic industry. This bundle is the result of years of research and development fueled by a relentless ambition to give you the best value for your money whenever you draw out a hair care kit with a Bloommy label.

Lustrous Locks, Strong Tresses and Dandruff-free Hair roots with this Bloomy's Hair Care Kit

The top-tier hair care approach implemented here typically covers three fundamental tenets that are geared toward keeping your mane healthier and for longer. These are captured by the following talking points in our haircare sets;

  • Conditioning: Surprisingly, it is very easy to forget that just like our skin, hair needs to be regularly hydrated and conditioned too. Bloommy's Biotin, Collagen and Keratin hydrating shampoo plays this role exceptionally well by delivering a high level of hair conditioning that easily matches what you'd get from a professional spa session. Apart from preventing breakages, it also contributes significantly to the added volume, bloom and shine that gives your tresses that characteristic bounce associated with healthiness.
  • Nourishment: Hair care is usually not complete if you are not tending your thirsty roots and feeding them with the right nutrients that they need to bloom and flourish. Here's why the Keratin, Biotin and Collagen mask comes in handy. Loaded with an array of easily absorbable and important hair growth nutrients, once again Bloommy demonstrates that they have the most advanced preparations in the market when it comes to repairing dishevelled hair.
  • Restoration and rejuvenation: An important part of hair care is repairing and restoring damaged tresses or follicles in the aftermath of overprocessing your mane following a long stint of using over-abrasive styling methods/products. Actually, it is the reason a majority of us feel the inclination to shave/trim our hair every once in a while to regrow it better. This, however, is now totally unnecessary. All you need is a Biotin Collagen Keratin Hair mask that can infuse strength, shine and vitality into your roots by delivering the much-needed nourishment required to repair the sustained damage.

An Easy-to-Use Hair Care Set

Arguably the best thing about this hair set is that it is incredibly easy and quite straightforward to use. You don't even need to book a session with your salonist to unleash the full potential of this hair care package to your grooming routine. Get it today at a discounted price and see the difference!

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