Foot Peel Mask

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It is not surprising how foot peel masks have gained a lot of popularity and a ton of traction of late. And most of it can be traced back to one thing — they are an excellent way of soothing dry, hard and cracked heels in the comfort of your home. Bloommy's feet peeling and exfoliating socks, in particular, are designed with the ultimate self-care ethos in mind. The idea here is to create an excellent foot mask peel for your callus-removing ritual that does not just work but is also affordable and reasonably priced as well.

Repairs Hair

Potent Exfoliation

The presence of shea butter and alpha hydroxy acids dissolves dead skin

Health and Protect

Heals & Protects

Utilizes collagen to stimulate cell regeneration and repair damaged skin



Employs argan oil to keep your feet baby smooth and reduce callus build-up



An assortment of vitamins to keep your feet from blistering or cracking

What is it?
How to Use