Hair Growth Kit

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Tired of bad hair days that won't simply go away? Got a haircare obsession that you just can't shake off? You might have been searching for a Hair Growth Kit for a while already? A simple combination of two of Bloommy's best sellers means easy-to-apply & designed for all hair types. Both Shampoo and Hair Mask contains major vitamins needed to make your hair shine again. Biotin promotes hair growth, Collagen prevents hair thinning & hair follicle damage and Keratin makes hair smoother, enhances its structure and density. Both products are Paraben, Alcohol & SLS free, and are made with natural ingredients. Enjoy your fresh-from-the-salon feeling while using Hair Regrowth Kit at home. This bundle is the result of years of research and development fueled by a relentless ambition to give you the best value for your money whenever you draw out a Hair Growth Set with a Bloommy label.

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