Glow Kit

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Our brand new Glow Kit combines three products that complete each other perfectly. Starting your routine with Glycolic Acid Pads you may gently peel off all skin imperfections, reduce redness & inflammations on the face, neck, and chest. On the next step apply Retinol cream to deeply nourish skin, improve its elasticity & firmness, as well as ease the appearance of wrinkles & fine lines. And last but not least don't forget to chew on deliciously flavored gummies that may help promote hair growth & nails health, boost overall wellbeing, and enhance skin's elasticity & natural beauty from deep within.

Moreover, they are gluten & GMO-free. Answering the question of how to use the kit we advise applying a Glycolic Pad after your usual cleansing routine, follow up with a dab of Retinol Cream and don't forget to take two Gummies a day.

How to Use