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As much as our skin and complexion tend to horde the spotlight of beauty, our hair deserves just as much (if not more) attention. Here's where Bloommy's collection of the best hair products for men & women features dominantly with no excuses or apologies. Keeping up with our tried-and-tested formula of 'less is more that we have applied with an unbelievable level of success in our skincare section, our girl hair products category boasts the same unmatched degree of sophistication and compatibility.

Hair Thickening Products that Go Above and Beyond the Conventional Norms

Finding hair growth products for men & women that can work with your genetic makeup is not an easy prospect, especially in an era where many manufacturers tend to over-promise but underwhelmingly underdeliver.  There are also tons of brands in the market that it can get a little hard to track down the right products for dry hair. Therefore, to streamline your hunt for these elusive products for shiny hair, we have put in the work and developed a collection of our best hair repairing products to cover the following essentials of the ultimate care for your precious mane.

1. Excellent Hair Cleansing and Shampooing

The basics of any hair care regimen, whether for damaged tresses or not, originates from the right shampooing and conditioning.  If anything, the best natural hair moisturizer products rely on you setting a good base by washing and conditioning your hair according to the following pointers;

The right shampoo for your scalp type: The inclusion of Blooomy's unique Biotin Collagen Keratin shampoo in this category means that you have the rare opportunity to add a hair cleanser that caters to your scalp whether it is dry or oily with the same level of preciseness.  The shampoo is expertly formulated to moisturize your scalp well enough to stave off flakiness or itchiness for those with a dry scalp without necessarily causing a build-up of products for those with an oily one.

The ideal shampoo for your hair texture: Featuring on this collection of top hydrating hair products designed for your hair means that we have taken into account your hair texture when crafting our shampoos and hair conditioners. Speaking of which, they are designed to work as both a volumizing formula for those with fine hair and a perfectly formulated conditioner if you have coarser and thicker hair.

Nourishing ingredients: Regardless of your washing frequency, you can rest assured that our shampoos (unlike standard conditioners) will not harm your hair by stripping it of its natural oils or moisture content. Instead, our cleaning products lead the trail in being one of the top hair breakage products that you can trust to infuse valuable nutrients such as keratin and biotin into your traces. That's actually the reason you won't be finding any synthetic colors, fragrances or additives in our cleansers, conditioners and shampoos.

2. A Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

Anyone who is conversant with hair products for split ends knows just how important it is to have a hair mask or deep conditioner in their grooming routine. To say the truth, the upsides of using a hair mask, especially in the colder months of the year, are literally endless. Fortunately, we have included our deep penetrating mask in this category to your valuable hair with additional TLC  to keep your strands strong, moisturized and shiny. More importantly, this should play a role in preventing dryness, split ends, breakage and the characteristic shriveling that accompanies wintry months.

3. Oral Supplementation and Nourishment

No matter how effective the topical damaged hair products that you are using are, you will still need to supplement your diet with the right vitamins and nutrients to support having and keeping a healthy mane. Bear in mind that beauty starts from within, and nowhere does this ring truer than when you're scouring the ends of the interwebs in search of products for hair breakage. In this case, our hair repairing product collection has the following bases covered, all thanks to the inclusion of Biotin, Collagen and Keratin capsules.

Biotin for gorgeously shiny hair: Biotin is what you just need if you are looking to avert hair loss, breakage and age-related damage. The presence of this nutriment in this collection guarantees a fast growth of your hair interspersed with protection from environmental aggressors and stressors. And being a member of the B-complex vitamins translates to the improvement of hair volume and density, particularly when used regularly enough.

Collagen for slowing down graying and fighting damage: By now, you should be aware that your hair follicles are constantly and perpetually under the threat of free radicals in your diet, environment or lifestyle choices. This, of course, is the reason you need collagen to counter-balance and mitigate this ever-present threat of physical deterioration by acting as an antioxidant. Neutralizing the damage resulting from free radicals is important to shield your proteins, DNA, and hair root cells from damage that would precipitate graying and age-related shriveling.

Keratin for preventing thinning: Our collection of hair products for fine hair would hardly be complete in the absence of a nutrition complex that contributes to the strength and elasticity of your dermis. This becomes even more evident when you consider that the body becomes increasingly less efficient at assimilating keratin or replenishing the depleted cells as we get older. Now, if you are looking to prevent and reverse this characteristic thinning that comes about with time, then investing in a keratin replenisher is no longer an option but a necessity. Luckily for you, you need not to look further than this category of damage repairing and hydrating hair products.

Where Else Can You Land Top-tier Hair Products for Fine Hair at Such a Reasonable Price?

At Bloommy's we believe inconvenience as much as we are about protecting and nourishing your mane and tresses. That's the reason our world-class hair damage repair products are not just set at an incredibly irresistible price-point but we are also throwing free shipping for all US orders above $50 in the mix. Now, you have no reason not to rock some bouncy, shiny and healthy hair this year, or do you?

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